A First Release Alternative to Patreon. Offering you:

  • The ability to purchase completed ebooks immediately upon completion, or to read them or ongoing ones online, ALL IN ONE SITE.

  • No Membership Necessary.

  • The ability to accept international currency via paypal.

  • Access to an Exclusive Forum to Discuss the books you love!

  • The ability to completely customize your subscriptions to the ebook posts you're seeing. Only get the updates you want! No annoying posts to sort through. Creating a more user-friendly platform.

  • Up to fifteen chapters in a single post so you don't have to keep clicking on the next one. You can truly immerse yourself in the tale.

  • And for those that care, reassurance that all royalties (other than taxes) are going to the creator, K.K.S., rather than large conglomerate cuts.

  • A FREE Sampling Pack under Pricing Plans. Read what you like!