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Nightmare Man One Shot - TEASER

Updated: Oct 28, 2022


There was no question about the fact that I liked men. Craved them.

That must've been why the thing across the street caught my scent.

But what it came hunting for was much more than I'd have ever guessed and his appetites would be unlike anything I'd ever known before.

The question was if I'd be able to go unscathed after just the one night in his possession.


For several weeks the dream had been the same.

I could feel a man’s hands on me. Running over my body and caressing me freely.

I’d sit up panting and look around, but no one was there. I’d scour every corner of the room, because the touch had felt so real, I was certain someone was there.

Yet, I could feel his hunger. Feel his desperate clawing touch moving my strappy nightgown down to expose my breast.

“Please.” I tossed my head. Reaching up to push at him but finding only air. I didn’t know who was touching me and it wasn’t touching I’d condoned.

It felt wrong. But was utterly unstoppable.

My hands were suddenly caught in iron fists and thudded to my bedding. Pinning me to the blanket.

The plush comforter was tossed from the bed, hissing through the air.

Then I’d feel the pressure over me. Like someone climbing the bed to lay atop me. Feeling the weight lowering over me and the heat of naked flesh I couldn’t see.

“Who’s here?” I said.

Feeling someone catching my lower jaw to hold me still I shook my head, trying to break that grip as it kept me from saying anything further. Pushing my mouth shut.

I looked above me. Moved my hands over my face but felt no one there.

Yet, the pressure of someone over me, the weight of their body and the hard probing at my most intimate entrance was so vivid I could feel his heat. I knew the feel of a hard, readied cock when I felt one.

And that’s what I’m feeling now.


“Stop!” I cried out in a mutter from my mouth being held shut.

Feel the drip of sweat from a hard male body over me, as he took his time sliding into me. Nestling into the heat of my gripping walls. I could almost hear him moan with pleasure the moment my flesh took him in a firm hold.

But there was no one there.

How can this feel so real?

I bucked my hips and tried to push off the bed there was clearly someone there atop me and no matter my efforts I couldn’t dislodge him. But I began to feel the sliding in and out as he met my bucking with vicious thrusts.

I yelped at the sudden taking.

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