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The Masquerade One Shot - TEASER

Updated: Nov 6, 2022


I was forced into an engagement with some withered old fool I'd never meant and didn't want. So I thought myself quite the defiant little Miss when I teased a masked lord at the Ball.

But once he'd lured me out to my aunt's Guest House, I found he was very different from the plaything sir that had seemed so charming a short time ago.

He was bent on ruining me. My choice was simple. To let him have me and he'd keep it a secret. Or fight him and he'd publicly ruin me.

Ensuring my new fiance knew precisely what manner of woman I was.

Really no choice at all...


My hands fell to my sides in shock, and he took advantage of the moment to step forward and jerk the shoulders of my dress down to my elbows. Baring my shoulders and breasts to his hungry view.

He took in the sight of my golden-brown skin and dark nipples, born down by the weight of the plump bits of flesh. His hands snatched my waist so fast I nearly leapt from my skin.

Causing those large breasts to swing like pendulums. And one to brush the back of his hand. Making him growl in his throat.

"Now this...Is more as it should be." He pushed the pile of clothes at my waist down further. Catching the waist of all my undergarments by adjusting his fingers minutely.

Clearly an expert at stripping women bare.

Slipping my clothes down, revealed the outer width of my ripe hips before it slid down the length of my shapely legs. He leaned down by my feet to make sure the clothes were gathered there.

So, everything is visible to his eye. I reflexively crossed my arms over my chest. Hooking my neck on the opposite sides in my palm. Hoping that the shadows of the dim room would hide the curling red hair at the juncture of my sex.

He straightened. "Mmmhmm. Look at all that flesh...I'm going to touch you everywhere, Circe. I won't miss an inch."

For whatever reason, his words immediately dampened the spot between my plump thighs. Though my mind still worked frantically for an escape.

A way out of this situation before he gets his hands on me!

"Now, here." He caught my hands before I could move.

I hissed an indrawn breath at the sudden contact of his large paws enveloping mine. He led my fingertips to the laces of his shirt. He put my hands over them and began plucking at the laces before his hands fell away and he gave me an expectant look.

He wants me to undress him.

Swallowing hard, I hesitated. Looking frantically around the Guest House but finding no reprieve. No escape.

As if reading my thoughts, his face hardened. "There's no way out now, Little Circe. You're in too deep. And soon it'll be my turn..."

Feeling helpless I unlaced his shirt and guided it open to reveal the flat planes of his upper chest. The thick bones of his collar and the deep muscles which grooved behind it.

He rolled his shoulders and shrugged out of it. Tossing it a distance away to land over the armrest of the chair.

Something he's clearly done before.

Here? I suddenly wondered how many innocent young women he'd ruined in my Guest House.

In-fact who the devil was he?

"Who are you?" I blurted.

"Ssh." He put a fingertip to my lips and pressed his toes over mine lightly. As if to keep me in place. "Bit late for that now, isn't it?"

"I did ask for it before." I defended. Tugging slightly at my slippers but finding I could no longer move away.

"And I said no then. What makes you think I'd change my mind now?"

Absolutely nothing. I was very sure that this man was precisely as unrelenting as he seemed to be.

What I'd thought at first to be amusing charm, I now realized carried an underlying severity. A single-pointed mission to seduce women like me.

He gave me a long probing look as he methodically unbuckled his belt and let it drop. Next, he caught my wrist and rolled my hand into his palm. Molding the inside of his fingers. Then without blinking, without changing expression, he put it against the front of his breeches.

Revealing the iron hard rod concealed there.

My brown eyes widened to the size of saucers as I shot him a look.

He massaged my hand over it, and I felt the flesh beneath the cloth expanding even further. I knew enough of the act from watching the house maids to fear I'd not be able to fit this particular bit of flesh.

"I can't." I said urgently. Pleading for him to understand.

Staring at me through hooded brown eyes he asked mercilessly, "Why?"

"It'll not fit."

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