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Nowhere to Run - TEASER

Updated: Oct 22, 2022


Turning Tables on the Princess

My LIttle Succubus

The Pack's Girl

An Unwilling Mate

Nowhere to Run

The Pack Girl's Retribution

Legend of Fury


Unfortunately, in this day and age it has been outlawed for pack wolves to mate with human women.

Worse yet. Females being born to the packs are becoming increasingly rare.

Further concerning, is the Full Moon's arrival. The Mating Moon.

The males are strong, aggressive and they want to breed the perilously few females.

I've stayed from the limelight by hiding in my Grandmama's hut at night and sneaking out to hunt only during the day.

Avoiding most of them.

The only one that really knows about me is our young Alpha.

He's caught my scent.

And I know his. He's been marking around my hut and scratching at the door at night. He wants to possess me.

And what he wants he gets.

I'm fast. But he is notorious for his speed and brutality.

Where can I run when everywhere in the village and woods the males are in rut?

I've no choice but to run. And nowhere to run.


Draven tilted his head. "You don't want my mark?"

"I don't want to belong to anyone."

"You've belonged to me a long while. Everyone in my pack knows it. Except you."

"I don't want to."

"Well, Miss Lyra, you better pose a challenge then."

What's that supposed to mean?

"Go ahead." He grinned cockily. "Run."

"Why? Why would you let me go."

"Oh, I'm not." He sauntered around me pensively. "You're fast. But I'm faster."

Fear pulsed through me because I understood what he was saying now. Every word.

"The hunger hasn't even set in on me yet." He warned. Gray eyes brightening. "But soon it will. And I'll mount you all night, once it does."

I was shaking my head, backing up. Knowing my only chance was to sound a quiet retreat but hating that to do so, I had to obey him. And that it sufficed as some intriguing game for him.

He stepped forward and caught my arm. He pointed to the bridge down by the creek. "Go that way. It's the only chance you have to escape our pack. Cross the bridge and veer North. Another woman hid in the cottage built on the right. It'll cause them confusion once they get there."

Chewing my lip I wondered if it was a trap. But hearing them howling I knew I was running out of time to decide.

"Better run, Lyra Lani. I'm getting hard again."

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