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Within the Frame One Shot - TEASER

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Part of My Filthy Fairytales One Shots.


This is Book 2: WITHIN THE FRAME (Dorian Gray)



Book 5: RED & WRATH

Book 6: MY KING

Book 7: MY LOVER


I thought it was only a painting.

I was captivated. Mesmerized and I had to have it.

In turn, he had to have me.

I didn't know the beginning would also be the end of me.

It was only a painting.


"What are you?" I whispered.

He quirked the corner of his mouth and twitched his fingers in a motion away from me.

Making my blanket jerk off me so fast I yelped as it piled at the foot of my bed. Revealing me lying in only my scanty undergarments. I crossed my legs to better conceal myself from his view. Draping my arms across my chest and hooking the opposite elbows.

"Immortal." He answered simply. "Is all you need know."

He stared down at me from next to my bed, like I was some naïve little animal, eying him. He drew a long breath and the moonlight dumped into the room. Brightening my taupe carpet and making the cream-colored walls seem inexplicably white. Making my skin luminesce.

"Who are you?"

"Ah, Little Sweet. Now that is the question you should've been asking all along...I am Dorian Gray. And I'm here to fuck you."

"I don't..." I was shaking my head. "I don't know-I think...I wasn't..."

"You do want me to." He responded as though I was wasting his time with all my blustering.

And damn him, he's right. I could already feel my juices flowing in my soft pussy. And my body was begging to feel him.

There was such knowledge in those gray eyes that I knew he could satisfy me. Take me to new heights of pleasure.

And I was eager to let him stuff inside me. To feel him all over me.

"Now, first." He made some small hand gesture that was too fast for me to catch. I heard the creaking of my bed posts and looked at the one nearest me. Seeing the winding bits of wood representing vines untangling from around the large post. It rose like a serpent and stretched over to me. Weaving and bobbing as it seemed to float before snatching one of my wrists. Spinning around it before I could react.

I squawked and clawed at it with my other hand. Yanking my arm in a desperate attempt to free it but the wood was unrelenting.

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