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A Pirate's Plaything - TEASER

Updated: Oct 28, 2022


I was hiding in the cargo on the ship Mandrake. When it was pirated, I did some quick-thinking and pretended to be a cabin boy. Hoping to become as unthreatening as every other crew member.

But he scented me at the get.

And the moment he had me alone he stripped me down to prove what he already knew. I was all woman.

He was the Captain of the Whirlwind and he intended to possess all spoils from the Mandrake.

Including me.

But I'm not so easily bullied into becoming a lover.

Not even by a fierce pirate captain.

01 Pirated

“Where is the food!” My pa yelled at me. And I knew it’d be a matter of minutes until he cuffed me as he often did.

I adjusted the oversized cap on my head. Doing my best to tuck my hair under it and bobbing my head in a ducking fashion to back away from him. “I couldn’t, Pa! There were too many Dock Patrol. They was lookin’ fer me, I’m sure of it!”

“You, foolish, Chit!” He called. “You want us to starve?”

“No, Pa.” I was trying to make sure I was well from striking range. “But won’t do us no good, if I’m put in the stocks.”

“Would do me just fine.” He grunted.


“Yer a worthless, Chit, ye are!” He lurched forward and managed to hit me up the back of the head so hard that it knocked my cap off.

I scrambled over and collected it.

“I’m not risking my hide, to feed yers no more Ol’ Man!” I shouted.

“What’d ye jus’ say ta me?” His face darkened so black I knew I’d be in for a sound thrashing.

“Get outta me home!”

“Good!” I snapped.

“And fair thee well in yer lil hovel!” I shouted as I stalked from it. Ducking a bottle, he threw at me. “I’ve wanted ta go to another country long ‘nuff!”

I walked determinedly toward the ships docked. I knew of one heading a direction I wanted to go. And it’s plenty big enough to hide one young woman.

Especially one as skinny as me.


It took the pirate ship Whirlwind all of two minutes to draw next to and overwhelm the Mandrake.

A far slower ship.

And the Pirate Captain had every intention of collecting all the cargo as spoils. Unfortunately, that entailed me since I was hiding in the cargo hold.

But some quick thinking had me wrapping my extra shirt around my head to hide my hair and cover my feminine eyebrows and shadow my eyes. Untucking my shirt and stuffing loaves of bread in the thighs of my pants to make me seem as shapeless as possible.

A cabin boy.

I heard the screams on the deck stop and the creaking of them popping the lock on the hold. They flipped it open, and I immediately cried surrender. Offering to be their cabin boy.

The dark pirate captain watched me with unflinching intensity. Deep brown eyes gazing at me hungrily.

I was terrified he knew.

"I do." He murmured as he caught me by the arm. Declaring, "I'll take the cabin boy."

He drug me straight to his cabin.

I scrambled to keep up.

Once inside, he kicked the door closed and tossed me against the wall. "What the devil are you thinking!"

"What?" I blinked my big brown eyes in confusion.

"I've pirated the Peril Sea for over two hundred years. You think I can't spot a woman when I see one?" He demanded.

"But I'm not." I shook my head fearfully. "Cap. Just a mere Cabin Boy."

"Sure, you are." He glowered darkly. "Drop your pants and show me your cock then, Lad."

"No, Sir. I'm not that manner of cabin boy."

He shook me by my arm. "You're not one atall!"

Without warning he thrust his hands down my oversized breeches.

I gasped. Relieved when he retrieved only a loaf of bread. Pulling it out to eye it. Then tilting his head toward me, contemptuously.

I shrugged. "They leaves me alone sir, when they think me bigger."

I bowed my shoulders to appear stouter.

He snorted. "Fine. Have it your way."

He delved his hand in again and headed straight down the center. Unsurprised to follow my flat belly down over a flat pelvis. Hooking his finger to enter me made me gasp in objection.

He pinned me harder against the door and pressed his finger in more deeply. Covering my mouth with his other hand. Using his torso to hold me to the wall.

I was screaming and gasping behind his hand, but no one could hear me.

He worked his finger expertly in and out of me.

Making me melt and dampening his finger.

Then he withdrew it. "Let me show you what a pirate does to a woman pretending to be a cabin boy."

02 I'm Revealed

He caught me by the shoulders and turned to throw me backward on his little bunk in the corner. Though it didn’t hurt, it startled me enough it took a moment to react.

Catching my breath, I did. I scrambled up it and hugged my knees protectively to my chest. Suddenly very afraid of what he might do to me. "Please."

What am I even asking for?

Mercy? There’s not a shred of it in his eyes. I had a feeling there’d be perilously little of it coming.

I was right.

"It's too late." He ruthlessly caught my ankles and drug them to the foot of the bed. Pulling his belt loose to cinch around one ankle and tie to the bed post.


He walked around it while I struggled in panic, yanking at it.

Looking furtively from him to the post and trying to gauge how much time I had before he reached my other arm and I’d be fully bound.

He gathered a fistful of rope and tied my other leg rather than heading for my free arm as I’d expected.

While he tightened it so firmly around my ankle that the rough rope scraped me, he said in a harsh voice. "If you'd have come clean when I asked, like a woman with integrity, I'd have locked you in here and kept you safe. But you chose to lie like the little fiend you are. So, I'll teach you precisely why you don't lie to a dangerous man."

He means to a pirate Captain, doesn’t he? I was breathing quickly. Panting in my scramble to yank free. I jerked at my leg trying to resist his grip, but he held on with the firmness of a vice.

As utterly unrelenting as the look on his face.

"No. Don't." I breathed. "I'll scream."

I’ll summon everyone down here to stop him.

He shrugged. "I wouldn't recommend it. What do you think my men will do once they know there's a warm, wet woman on this ship?" He eyed my body. Unable to discern a shape under the garb.

He plucked my shirt from my head and sent a wash of waving brown, shoulder-length hair spilling over the bedding around my face. Hair I’d kept so carefully tucked into my huge hat.

"Good. You’re a grown woman." His eyes slipped over me with interest.

"No!" I grasped at the hope of deterring him. "I'm a young 'un, Cap. Swear. Not of my first bleed."

Perhaps he’ll leave me be if he thinks me a child. Though I wondered if a pirate truly gave two shits about such things.

He gave me another contemptuous glance. “The devil you are.”


Then he ripped my shirt open. Sending buttons scattering over the cabin floor. Exposing the bindings over my breasts.

To hide what I am.

Collecting a cutlery knife he turned it flat against my sternum.

"Don't move." He cautioned. He slit the bindings and to my horror my bountiful breasts burst from the bindings. Dusky brown nipples bouncing upright for his attention.

And his gaze feasted on them. He reached down and pinched one.

I objected and lurched up.

He paused to cut the excess rope from my ankle and used another chunk to hook my wrist to the corner post despite my struggles. He leaned his weight over me. Pinning me into the reed mattress, while he knotted the rough rope.

I only had one hand left and I intended to fight.

"Don't bother." He roughly wound the remainder of the rope.

But I was already twisting to try to get my other wrist free.

So, he wasted no time to tie that one too.

"Have it your way. I like a helpless woman." Then he began ripping my clothes open. "Let's see what you have under here."

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