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The Barbarian's Pleasure - Paperback

The Barbarian's Pleasure - Paperback

I'd been lonely lately. Having accrued enough wealth to no longer need to go on the raids I was well off.


Now I just needed a little slave girl to warm my bed.


I'd considered a docile thing with a warm spot for me. But instead, I was intrigued by the spitfire commanding she'd not be touched.


I saw her body and thought her too tiny but when I touched her, I wanted her.


And what I want. I get.


Afterall, I'm a wolf at heart. And a full moon is coming.


She'll learn the way of things. One way or another.

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  • Paperback

    These are large font (13 pt) books for easier reading. Slightly larger then conventional books. Handcrafted.

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