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The Wrong One One Shot - TEASER

Updated: Nov 13, 2022


The Wrong One is part of my erotic Dark Histories One Shot Series.



He went to the ball hunting.

So did she.

But one of them has picked the very wrong one...

What seems like a simple one shot becomes alot more complicated when one is playing with beings outside of humanity.


"What are you after tonight, Sweet Thing?" I asked her.

"What would you like me to be?" She crooned in a soft alluring voice. Dizzying my senses.

I caught her waist and drug her against me, so our bodies were molded together. "I'd give you anything you asked for."

"Anything?" She lifted a fine brown brow. "Are you so certain of that?"


"Rather bold of you."

"Bold of me?" I straightened. Looking down my nose at the tiny thing. "You're the gorgeous scrap of a thing who dares be alone unchaperoned in a dark Parlor with a man you barely know."

"Perhaps." She smiled softly before dragging her arms down my chest and stepping back to walk behind the settee. Dragging a finger along the seam on the top.

How is her every movement so seductive? I was duly entranced.

"Have you heard of women who victimize men."

"No. But I'd dearly like to..." I smiled. My lips quirking in what I'd been told was a rather roguish half-smile.

She could certainly victimize me.

"There are such things, you know. Lore about women that can steal the beating hearts of men."

"Well, you're certainly working on mine."

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