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Sociopathic Seduction - TEASER

Updated: Nov 6, 2022


Sometimes seduction is not as simple as you might think.

I've been running from Jared ever since I escaped CORE.

They partnered me with him for years. Now he's shown up to make me disappear.

If only that'd been all he'd intended for me...

He was a machine. A ruthless trained killer with an expertise in torture and seduction. A dangerous mix, I thought. I'd loved him once but soon realized that he was a sociopath. Incapable of real emotion.

Exceptionally skilled in making others suffer.

When I'd escaped CORE, I'd escaped him. Or so I'd hoped.

But Jared is an expert hunter. An optimal predator.

And I've become his favorite prey.


Pete and I were laughing. Exchanging friendly conversation. When suddenly Pete's eyebrows shot up as he stared at something above and behind me.

No. I thought. I'd seen that look on many men's faces.

The look of horror and fear that'd appear when they glimpsed the hugely formidable frame and deeply lowered brow of Jared. Especially when he was of a mood to be imposing.

I ducked my head and my eyes slid to my right. Seeing a woman and her teenage daughter staring in my direction, with their jaws gaping. Mesmerized by the physique they were examining from top to bottom.

On my left were three women staring openly. Their eyes shining as they hungrily licked their lips.

Yep. Jared is behind me.

Run! Without looking back, I slowly began to stand. Giving a smiling nod to Pete as if to excuse myself.

But a large warm hand grabbing the back of my neck and applied pressure to the sides in a precise way that made me dizzy, stopped me in my tracks.

Pressure points.

"Do excuse me." Jared purred. Talking to Pete. "I'd like to talk to my wife."

"You're wife?" Pete asked in shock. An appalled stare landing on me.

"Yes," That hand lightly massaged my neck. His fingertips brushing my collarbone in a way that made me shiver. His touch was blatantly possessive. "I am her husband, afterall."

"Ex!" I proclaimed. Trying to salvage the situation.

Sort of. We weren't together anymore...

I hadn't lied to Pete. Merely neglected to mention a few things.

"Ex-husband." I cleared my throat.

Earning a sharp, blue-eyed look from Jared.

"Not hardly." He drawled coldly. Leaning over to whisper near my ear. "Care to join me in the restroom?"

I had no choice.

He was telling me, he'd take me right out of this restaurant kicking and screaming. And kill anyone who got in his way.

I knew well, he was ruthless enough to do it.

Someone has to help me. I thought. Looking around the restaurant in panic.

Slowly reaching for my clutch in an effort to stall, caused him to catch it in his big hand and set it back on the seat.

"You won't need that."

He knows my gun is in it.


He swept his large hand beneath my hair and to my lower back to turn me in a circle and guide me across the room. Making sure that purse stayed well from my reach.

Clever bastard is making sure I can't get out of his reach before he gets ahold of me.

I was breathing heavily. My eyes pleading for everyone, anyone, to help me.

But they all just stared jaw agape.

I tensed and prepared to round and run but his grip changed from my lower back to stroking my long hair.

"Keep walking, Sweetheart." He murmured. "Almost there..."

It was a clear threat. If I tried to bolt, he'd grab my hair and drag me to those restrooms. Or straight out to my car and force me to tell him where I lived.

I'd finally found a place he didn't know about. I needed to keep it secret.

He pushed open the men's bathroom. Nodding for me to enter. As though he were just holding it for me out of some gentlemanly gallantry.

Not even close.

he jerked his head in a gesture for the other men to get out.

Sending them scurrying and zipping at the same time.

I have to get out of here. One look at the ferocity on his face and the muscle ticking in his square jaw was enough. But combined with the icy blue eyes landing on me, and I knew what he intended for me.

"Jared, I..."

"You, nothing." He snapped acidly.

"Who the fuck is that?" He gestured toward the door.

"We're over. You know that." I said slowly. Trying not to incite him further but to convey the message. Hoping he'd just leave me alone.

"Not a chance." His lip curled in contempt. "You'll pay for that shit."

He's still talking about Pete.

"Damn right I am." He descended on me and I backed up so fast, one of my high heels broke. I looked down at it considering using it as a weapon.

"Don't bother." He shoved me back. Not roughly but certainly enough to send me flying.

I tumbled through the swinging metal door of the lone stall. How had he maneuvered me here?

I looked at the three walls. Turning a full circle and looking at the back wall then over the top.

"You'll never make it." His wide shoulders blocked out the light of the open stall. He'd just finished rolling up the sleeves of his black satin shirt and was now undoing his belt.

For a terrifying moment I wondered if he'd hit me with it.

"Don't be stupid." He bit out in annoyance.

I hated that he always seemed to know what I was thinking.

I kicked off my shoes.

His eyes flicked down to watch before gesturing to my body. "Good. Now the dress."

"Go fuck yourself!" I put one foot on the toilet and launched up to the top of the wall. Catching it with my elbows and hoisting myself up.

I'm going to make it.

He didn't have time to react. I was too fast.

But I felt his grip on my skirt yanking me down of the wall.

I shrieked as I tumbled backward. He caught me in his arms in a bridal carry.

Yelling as though his touch scathed me I launched from his grip and found myself straddling the toilet as I braced myself in the corner. Determined to not let him get to me.

"To your pretty little hole, you mean." His eyes narrowed. "Stop these games, Mida. I'll have you. One way or the other. You can make it easy or rough on yourself. Either way, I'm happy to accommodate."

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