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Managing Mages - TEASER

Updated: Nov 6, 2022


Hawk had been tormenting me as long as I could remember.

I was a young mage and my power was still growing. But they thrust me under his watch in the service to our Warlord. And damn him for enjoying every moment he can torment me.

Every time I think my power strong enough to challenge him, he finds new ways to torture me.

He's told me that I'm his little prey and he'll be kinder when I succumb to him but I've vowed to never let the overbearing, insufferable cad put a hand on my bare skin.

It's a battle of wills and wits. He may be more clever but I'm certainly more stubborn!

But one thing I've learned about Hawk, never underestimate his conniving...I should've known better than to challenge him.

After all, he's made a name for himself by his skill in Managing Mages.


It'd been a long day of training. Our Commander, the Warlord was a ruthless task master. Rarely impressed and often cruel in his comments, he left much of the actual mentoring to Hawk.

Who's disinclined to teach me anything but sheet play. I grunted to myself. Unlacing my mages robes as my gaze focused on the steaming metal tub before the fire.

I couldn't wait to sink in and ease my aching muscles.

Hawk was always harder on me than anyone. And every time he was close enough he whispered near my ear. "I'll be inside you soon, Mary Mage..."

I'd growl at him and misfire with my staff, misplace potions and lose my spell book. All of which was causing Warlord to lose patience with me.

"Deal with her!" Warlord had finally said.

Hawk had grinned as he marched over to me while I hurriedly mixed a potion which would cause an explosion when tossed at an enemy.

Before I could brace myself he rolled his fist into my hair and yanked. Jerking my head back. He lathed a warm tongue along my neck up my ear.

"Keep messing up, Mary Mage and he'll give you to me."

"He would not!" I swallowed. Eyeing him in my peripheral. "Why would he reward you for my wayward behaviors?"

"He won't. He'll punish you. And I have just the solution...You whining underneath me."

"He would not."

"He will." Hawk chuckled. Dragging the tip of his nose along the back of my ear. "Very soon."

"You're just trying to scare me."

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