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The Pack's Girl - TEASER

Updated: Oct 28, 2022


She was rescued by our pack, the Asara.

But with her delicious female scent, my brothers and I soon caught a whiff of her. We liked it and were quick to investigate.

It didn't take us long to figure out what she was hiding under that oversized cloak. And we each wanted a part of it.

She thought she could run from us? The best in enemy combat, the tracker and best sniffer in the pack, and the fastest one of us. Second to only our Alpha.

The Mating Moon is on the rise and my brothers and I don't mind sharing. As long as we each get a taste of that sweet scent. And to partake of that delicious body

She might resist but we're strong, and she is one of only seven breedable females...she won't be going anywhere until we've had our fill of her.

And under a Mating Moon, us males get insatiable.

Go ahead. Run little Vanna Rae, it's more fun that way...


Five of us females dodged the males like the plague. Knowing that tempting them could prove a dangerous game.

They were all predatory, aggressive, and willing to fight for what they wanted. And to breed any female of age.

I don't want bred.

"I asked you a question." Vanquish sneered.

Forcing me to look up into his fierce green eyes.

"I was just-just..." I looked around desperately. "going to pick some berries."

I fled to the bush I'd spotted and began desperately plucking the berries and stacking them in my hand.

Vanquish descended on me while I cowered near the bush. He batted the berries out of my hand. Snatching me under my arms and tossing me in the water.

I surfaced spitting and desperately made for shore. Knowing all the extra fabric on my body could quickly weigh me down.

"Come on." Hunter told Racer and they swam to me. Tugging me back into the water. I felt their cloying hands pawing me. But under all my oversized and padded garments, they were unable to feel anything.

"We really need to get these clothes off her and see what's under here." Racer frowned.

No. I looked fearfully from one to the other as they pinned my arms to the bank.

"Just hold her." Hunter leaned in close while Racer complied and feigned humping his groin against me.

I jerked from Racer and floundered onto the bank. Climbing to my feet.

They laughed uproariously as I fled, tugging at my hood to keep my hair hidden.

"Where you off to so fast?" Vanquish lightly shoved me sideways. Sending me toppling. "We didn't say you could go anywhere."

"Yeah." Hunter climbed from the water.

"There's a cost for residing in the safety of our pack." Racer contributed.

The three half naked males stood over me with their hair dripping and keen eyes alert. Chests glistening damply in the sunlight as fat water droplets trailed down over their ripped abdomens to their soaked pants and over bare feet.

All three eyed where my ankles peeked from the bottom of my cloak and I feared they were tempted to peer under it.

I clambered to my feet gracelessly and fled back to my hut.

"Oh, come on, Vanna Rae!" Hunter taunted.

"You going to cry?" Racer.

"Can't run forever, Rabbit." Vanquish said.

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