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A Single Taste One Shot - TEASER

Updated: Nov 13, 2022


Who knew bathing in that pool could be so dangerous?

Who knew that the fey king himself would come to collect me?

Well, despite whether I should or shouldn't have known I'd end up in his castle. My choice now comes down to whether or not I'll have a single taste of the banquet laid out before me.

Or the man looking at me so invitingly?


"What is all this?" I asked.

"It is the sweetest food you'll ever taste. The most satisfying meats you can imagine. The ripest fruits to ever cross your lips. If you don't take a bite, you'll regret it for the entirety of your life...If you do..." His voice dropped meaningfully. "Then you stay with me, forever."

"I have someone back in the city." I said slowly. Trying to rip my gaze from the food and blinking hard to resist staring at it. My hand was lifting without conscious thoughts to reach for a pastry. I had to push it aside with my other to stop myself.

What's happening.

"Is this fey magic?"

"Call it fey magic. Call it human temptation. Whatever you wish to define it as, it's the same thing." His low, rumbling voice, sent goosebumps coursing over my flesh. Making me shiver as his merest touch brushed along my skin.

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