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What My Fans Have Taught Me

Let's jump right in as I have much to tell you about this wonderful group of people.

They have both made me laugh and been a constant source of inspiration.

The amount of joy I get in reading their comments and reviews cannot be expressed. (And believe it or not, I read every single one I'm aware of.)

I have some particular favorites, but we won't even get into those right now.

It began, as I mentioned before, on Inkitt. Where I quickly built over three million readers thanks to The Pack's Girl. Which is a naughty testament to the underground love for kink. (I'm not judging. Nothing but appreciative, here.) From there a few members directed me to Patreon.

I was guided there and then was kindly mentored by a few supportive members who directed me on building tiers and suggested others I could model might site after. They were, essentially, the birth of what I would consider my writing career.

I've never taken any criticism or encouragement lightly. Every useful word good or bad from every fan should be noted. I say FAN because those that just pour out negativity or judgement aren't worth noting. Move on. =)

For every one that hates your work. There's at least one other that loves it. Keeping doing what you do.

Once they helped me built Patreon then some advised me they badly wanted to support me but Patreon didn't take their currency. They asked if I had Wix.

I didn't know what that was. I thought it sounded like something that happened when you waved a magical wand.

Which, perhaps, wasn't too far off. They're a wonderful site-builder that helped me put something together. People continued telling me what they wanted.

They wanted somewhere to buy e-books. I made e-books available for purchase on the site. They wanted to read online, I created a blog format they could buy subscriptions to, and now they want paperbacks. (That's still an ugly work in progress. We won't talk about that yet.)

Every step further I have come, I owe to them. I'll remember all their names (as I know them) but I don't want to name them here, in-case they wouldn't appreciate being publicly declared. Lol.

I hear many writers say they don't appreciate people who aren't writers telling them what to do. I couldn't disagree more. I owe everything to them. So I would encourage you to hear them out. They'll make you whatever you become. Cheers!

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