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How I Plot

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

So...I've been asked a few times, how I conceive my plots and draw them out, to create my intricate story lines.

The answer is...Terribly.

I do a terrible job of that.

I've no formal schooling in writing, which I'm sure is painfully obvious to anyone who has. Everything I've learned, I learned by falling on my face. Which should, by all rights, qualify me as an expert at this point. Lol.

I'm kidding. Truthfully, I've been very blessed. When I sat down, began, and listened to my fans, I've found my career bloomed in less than a year. From everything I've researched and read, that does seem to be rare. So I give them great credit for walking me along.

I've no idea who I've offended, but I don't dwell much on it. I just keep moving forward.

There are no sticky notes on my walls. Or roughly scribbled notes in countless notebooks on my desk. There's no special software I use. I wake up in the dead of night with an idea. Then I mold it in my head. A term, I affectionately dub as "mentally writing" when people ask me why I've gone quiet, staring at a leaf spinning like a top on the lawn.

As I come up with another five or six ideas over the following weeks after I've constructed a plot, I refrain from beginning multiple unfinished projects by figuring out how to twist those ideas and incorporate them into the project I am already working on.

If I have ideas for scenes or critical plot points that I realize I want to hit, I note them in the bottom of my word document (in chronological order) and work them into the story as I go.

If nothing interesting has happened to my characters in a while. I toss in a wrench, for funsies. Then have them stay true to character in how they react to those obstacles.

So in summary, as far as a structured plot...I have none.

But that's no excuse to not ensure that your readers are granted an intriguing experience, a sense of true emotion and a euphoric feeling when things go well for said character.

Character building and world building still need to be reached as I go. And the the character should stand true throughout the story I'm trying to tell the reader. So as the plot evolves, it has to become denser and show a depth of character and personality. If you have two dimensional character, you have a two dimensional tale to tell your readers. And truthfully, you and them know they deserve better.

And...That's me climbing off my soapbox. Both explaining how I fail and how I dutifully endeavor to succeed all in one little chat.

Until next time, happy reading!

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