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How I Began

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

So, I'm just learning about blogging. I used to barely use Social Media.

So before we get into the intricacies of my weird daily life let's discuss how I got here.

I started writing Fantasy, then some romance.

I had a book published under a pseudonym when I was fourteen years old. I'm 37 now. It is under a name I won't give you so please don't ask. Please realize I wrote this in 8th Grade. Imagine for a moment pulling out some form of your own writing from 8th Grade. Such as, perhaps, your 8th Grade journal. How proud would you be of this writing? Lol. So lend me some sympathy here.

I finished school and then invested in a lengthy career where I wrote for fun in my spare time.

I did not sincerely pursue publishing because I had little time. (At least in my mind.) But I continued writing.

Then I found Galatea ( ) a great reading app in my opinion. I fell in love with it, which you may find ironic since I'm not on it. Toward that end I began posting on Inkitt ( ) which is Galatea's parent company in the hopes of that end. I was advised my fantasy plots were great but it needed more spice.

Believe it or not I'd never tried writing in-depth sex scenes, so I gave that a go via four books with varying degrees of taboo. The Pack's Girl, An Unwilling Mate, My Little Succubus, and Sociopathic Seduction.

Imagine my surprise when all four take off far beyond everything I'd written before. Life lesson for me!

So as of early 2021 I began crafting erotica, which was not something I'd written prior to 2021.

I was then pointed in the direction of Patreon by a few of my favorite followers on Inkitt. I knew perilously little about the wonderful app, so I stumbled my way through it. Surprisingly only getting one chapter of one book banished from Patreon for all eternity. (Chapter ten of Nowhere to Run)-I know now you're curious. Go ahead, go check it out. You'll be saddened.

Of all the stuff I write, that was the offensive chapter.

I soon learned the Pack's Girl would be banned on just about every site. Not too shocking since most find it either fantastically fanciful or deeply offensive. Depending on their perception of how realistic it was. I can support either view and don't take it personally. Though I did develop a particular affection for the creatures which took root on paper, as they often do, and evolved of their own accord. Bringing the story to life.

So, that is enough of my backstory today but I'll fill you in on more details of my sordid stumbling blocks over the next few weeks to see what you all think of a REAL blog. I was just recently advised that merely notifying you of my updates didn't count and I needed to write something real. Lol.

So bare with me as I take you with me on my journey of pain, pleasure and the stumbling blocks of a developing sordid author...

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