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A Bit of Advice

I was recently asked by someone who followed my work, for some advice.

My first thought, Not gonna lie to you, was what writing advice could I offer? I'm still figuring this out. But flattered and happy to help, I told her to shoot.

She told me she had quite a large project she'd written but was worried that if she published it on one of the e-reader platforms that someone would steal it.

I told her that she had a choice. She could either keep her work close to her and safe and protected forever and no one else would ever get to see it and she'd never get to know how good she really might be. OR she had the opportunity to put it up on a platform and share it with others.

I told her that's every author's fear. I reminded her that no matter how careful you are, your work can always be stolen. (Happened to me twice so far.) But without the risk no one will ever se what she poured herself into. She thanked me for the advice and seemed intent on putting the work out there.

I don't know if she did or not, as I never heard from her again. So far, at least.

But as readily as that advice came to me, I've found myself remembering that every time I am reluctant to put a bit of work somewhere in-case it is stolen. I remind myself I have copyrights and I read contracts carefully and take things slowly...And I take the next step.

How could I give that blooming author advice like that but dare chicken out when I have to put my money where my mouth is. =)

So I keep plucking on. And I urge any of you that might be out there with the same fears to move outside your comfort zone and see what happens...You never know...

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