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Don't Sweat It TEASER


Jailhouse Jake had been annoying me since we were both very young.

You might think that because I was gorgeous and he was breathtakingly hot that we were made for each other.

But in highschool, nothing is ever as simple as in the movies.

I thought he was unbelievably arrogant.

He thinks I'm as shallow as they'd come.

And now I'd humiliated Jake in-front of half the school.

Something no one dared do.

So he was hell-bent on making me pay. I'd figured that. But not how far he'd go to have me under his thumb.


Triumphant I checked my hair. Adjusting my ponytail and winding the curls along the sides of my face to emphasize my high cheekbones. I pulled a bit of lip gloss from my pocket and traced my lips. Smacking them before I gave an admiring wiggle of my head and heading out of the bathroom. Sliding my hand along the wall as I cheerfully swung around it.

And straight into a hard chest.

I gasped and nearly shrieked at the nearness of a guy leaning over me.

My nose scrunching and lips twisting in a sneer as I registered who it was.


He was leaned with his shoulder against the wall, just outside the entrance. His black t-shirt with the white flag, hugging his chest and tight just above his biceps. His dark jeans molded his hips but draped loose over his legs with a white belt running around his waist. White shoes with a thin white sole and a red and black checkered pattern revealed he cared every bit as much about how he looked as I did.

“Oh!” I said sweetly. Blinking innocently. “You use the girl’s bathroom?”

I thumbed over my shoulder. “That explains sooo much!”

His brows lowered and his dark eyes turned to thunderclouds. “Want me to prove it doesn’t?”

“Hardly.” I bobbed my head haughtily before shouldering past him. He caught me with an arm blocking my waist, snatching me mid-step, to a stop.

“There’s a toll walking past me.” He gave me a purposeful look.

If he blows me a kiss, I’m smacking him right in that mouth.

“Oh.” I gave that mock pout again. Reaching up to pat his cheek a bit hard. “I’m afraid not. I don’t play with little boys. I prefer men.”

Shoving his arm off me, I walked past him.

“Like that muscle-bound jock from Midway?”

“Do you know what a jock is, Jake.”

“Ooh?” He pursed his lips curiously. “Do tell.”

“A jock is a mindless athlete that only knows how to think with his junk.” I glanced down then back up, pointedly. “You, Jailhouse, are a jock. And from the looks of things…You’re not doing much thinking.”

He scoffed. “Plenty. I guarantee it.”

I glanced around and noticed that a crowd was gathering. Now’s my chance to embarrass him as much as he did me back in Science Class.

Give him a taste of his own medicine.

“I doubt that. Rosaria told all of us about you in the Locker Room.”

His face sobered and his jaw went tight as he hitched his chin. His mouth tightening as he shook his head in warning.

But I was already determined to stay on this trek. “Don’t deny it now, Jailhouse.”

“Nothing to deny.” He said flatly.

“So you admit to stuffing socks in them black jeans you’re always wearing?”

A couple guys guffawed and girls were giggling. The sounds of laughter climbing.

“Why don’t you have a look for yourself.” He grated through his teeth.

“Unzip and let’s see it.” I gestured.

He looked over his shoulder at the gathering crowd. “Why don’t you come by my house and have a look for yourself.”

I smirked. Crossing my arms over my chest before I announced in the loudest voice I had. “I have enough socks.”

His eyes went hooded and annoyance was written over his face. “You’ll be there one way or another…”

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Jani Alston
Jani Alston
Oct 31, 2022

Part 2 of this is up but not part one?

- K.K.S.
- K.K.S.
Oct 31, 2022
Replying to

Part one is as well. Don't Sweat It:.

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