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My Shackled Siren TEASER

Updated: Nov 8, 2022


I, Zierno the famed assassin, am hunting the mythical Mist Mare. My king, my friend, has promised me command of his guard if I gift her to him. I never fail a mission. The beast will belong to the King of the Netherlands, one way or the other.

It’s deeply amazing how much can go wrong in a single day. From capturing the rare creature for my liege, to it nearly making off with my king. Now I’m on his short list of enemies.

During my mad flight from the castle, I thought to save an injured woman. I couldn’t have been more wrong. What I have now is a sack full of problems. This pretty red-eyed woman, being the largest. She looks like a sweet creature one moment. Then the next, a bloodthirsty demon. And truthfully, I’m terrified. I’ve never seen anything like her.

“Chain me to the wall” She says. Normally I’d think that might make for an interesting afternoon. Now I’m thinking I’d rather be anywhere but where she can shriek at me when she has one of her ‘spells.’ “Go talk to the sorcerer.” She orders. As though I should know who he is. “I need your help.” She says, as though I’m intended to be some great savior.

I’m a killer not a saint.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten word that the King has sent out an army to hunt me down and drag me back to face the consequences of a potential assassination. One which I did not intend! So my plan right now…Is essentially just to stay alive.


King Eben frowned and stopped, the guards around him stopping as well to watch Zier approach.

Zierno was oblivious to them. His cloak wrapped around the small shape he carried. He was focused on his task.

Eben’s sharp eye caught droplets of blood falling down Zierno’s pant leg from who he carried.

Where was his Kelpie head? Glowering he watched Zierno until he finally looked up and saw them.

Zierno stopped abruptly meeting the king’s unwavering look. His eyes darkened with guilt.

Eben stood with a question on his lips. Opening his mouth to speak he was shocked into silence when the creature in Zierno’s arms lifted her head to look at him.

Eben stared mesmerized at the petite woman in Zierno’s arms. Fascinatingly huge brown eyes watched him, expressionless. Her face was small and oval dominated by the wide eyes and a full lush mouth. Her small nose was perfectly formed and delicately upturned. High cheekbones drew down to that mouth, causing a an aggressive stirring inside Eben. As she leaned up the cloak had slipped down, exposing perfect white shoulders with arching collarbones. The shadow of cleavage and the rising mounds of her upper breasts rose over the cloth.

Eben’s eyes traveled over her hungrily. Glancing around him he saw that his guards were equally as affected. Suddenly furious he turned on Zierno.

“Give her to me.”

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