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Turning Tables on the Princess

Turning Tables on the Princess

She'd escaped me once. She'd not do it again. I am the brother of the Alpha of the Asara Pack.

I did everything she asked of me. 

She was a princess on a throne. I was her Captain of the Guard. 
Her secret assassin killing anyone who'd threaten her. 

She seduced me and then bid me do whatever she commanded. But before that, I had declared my intent to claim her as my mate. 

And she had fled. Like the coward she is.

Now she claims to rule this kingdom. However, her people are starving and her fiancé is to blame. 

But will she hear a word of it? Of course not!

Well, I've found a way to make her listen. 

It's high time she learn a she-wolf's place in this realm. She needs a real king, and it won't be that sniveling lord that has designs on her. 

It's going to be me. 

She'll learn I'm no longer hers to command. 

She is mine.

  • This is a paperback book

    It is a large 5x7 book with larger print. Enjoy!

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