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Too Deep - Paperback

Too Deep - Paperback

Enjoy an easy to read paperback with large font.



The tales you’ve been told are cute. Vaguely amusing in their naivete. 


They’re all lies. 


We’re not charming, we’re not heroic. We’re pure predators. 


I’m no adorable redhead hoping for some magical legs to seduce a glorious prince. Hate to be the one to break it to you, but that tale was twisted to salvage that prince’s pride. The adorable redhead and the vicious brunette were one and the same. And she most certainly had a voice, he was just afraid to hear it…


I know what I am, and I know why I come to these shores.


A wise girl would stay far from my beaches and banks. Because one scent of her, one sight of her, could have me rising from the water in the dead of night, for only one reason…


To mate.

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  • Handcrafted Paperback

    This is a bit bigger than a standard sized book and has larger font for easier reading. 

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