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Spark - Paperback

Spark - Paperback

I am a Catalyst.


The Spark, the lore calls me.


The problem with being a Spark is two-fold.


Monsters are drawn to me. And I’ve known so many of them that I find myself unable to be intrigued by any normal, human, male.


I’m only drawn to those dangerous breeds now, like a moth to flame, how much can I really resist their primal aggression?


You’d think that with as long as I’ve been the Spark, I’d have learned how to recognize each creature. But there are so many, I don’t know where to begin.


Every male creature lusts for me. And I for some of them. One in particular.


The worst among them.


The trick I face now is in trying not to attract every unholy thing I come across. And when I do, in identifying which just want to possess me, and which might actually kill me. Or lock me away forever.


So far, I’m clearly failing.


On both accounts.




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  • Paperback

    This is a handcrafted paperback with larger font for easier reading. It is slightly bigger than a standard size paperback. 

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