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Turning Tables on the Princess - TEASER

Updated: Nov 6, 2022


She escaped me once. She'd not do it again. I am the brother of the Alpha of the Asara Pack.

I did everything she asked of me.

She was a princess on a throne. I was her Captain of the Guard.

Her secret assassin killing anyone who'd threaten her.

She seduced me and then bid me do whatever she commanded. But before that, I had declared my intent to claim her as my mate.

And she had fled. Like the coward she is.

Now she claims to rule this kingdom. However, her people are starving and her fiancé is to blame.

But will she hear a word of it? Of course not!

Well, I've found a way to make her listen.

It's high time she learn a she-wolf's place in this realm. She needs a real king, and it won't be that sniveling lord that has designs on her.

It's going to be me.

She'll learn I'm no longer hers to command.

She is mine.


I looked over my pale shoulder and through the strands of my straight blonde hair, watching the silvery wolf emerge from the trees so close behind me. Loping through the grass. I forced my legs to go faster. Carrying me at a nearly inhuman pace that should’ve lent a clue as to what I really was.

If anyone knew anything. I was counting on the fact that they were simple humans who did not.

Most wolves abhorred the company of humans. Knowing they were more powerful, faster and more animalistic, they tended to keep their distance.

Which also keeps them from hunting us as zealously as the mages do.

The wolf behind me was cutting the distance.

Heading for me.

He leapt and his teeth barely missed strands of my knee length hair as he tried to catch it without taking out my legs entirely.

Trying not to hurt me at least. I could appreciate that.

He could’ve torn my leg out from under me and injured me.

But he wants me for a mate. And doesn’t want me broken.

At least not until he’s done with me. I thought bitterly.

Marta’s voice echoing in my ears. “He’ll break you girl. Like a beaten, pup.”

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