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The Legend of Fury - TEASER

Updated: Nov 5, 2022


I was a lost cause. Neither human nor wolf but a bit of both.

I was the first. The original.

I began my race with a simple wish. Not realizing the curse it would become.

I was a simple creature until I stumbled across the sorceress. A soulless enchantress. Willing to give me what I wanted in order to see my further suffering.

I vowed I'd never have a mate.

All I knew was endless pain, isolation and emptiness until the day I was gifted a woman who wanted nothing to do with me. The fiercest, most gorgeous, redheaded hellion.

She's something straight from my nightmares. The very first thing that's made me feel anything in over a century.

Which means I can never have her. Nothing more than one night of wild pleasure. Beyond that, I have to let her go.

If she'll let me...

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