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The Ancient - TEASER

Updated: Nov 6, 2022



She didn't know what I was.

But I knew what she was.

I wanted revenge when I first met her but she changed that. After knowing her I wanted more. I couldn't get enough. She became my obsession.

And One Hundred and Seventy Six Years locked away have neither tempered my desire for vengeance or for her.


I'm a Canastra, one part of a triad. Now it is just my sister and I and the thing locked in my basement. We're all that's left of the family I knew.

And the one I'd hoped to have...

There's a new threat now and despite all my power and my allies, it's not enough. I need the blood of one of the original creatures to create a spell powerful enough to protect everyone. But first, I have to find him...

The sire of their hated breed.


She lit the Ballroom on fire. Her vibrancy making candlelight on golden pillars shimmer more elegantly. Making the tink of crystal seem finer to his ears. The chaotic murmur of conversations across the room dulled, relieving his senses of the constant strain of hearing everything in a room.

She was his focus now.

Leaning close to his shoulder she murmured. “You think yourself so clever.”

Her breath was warm along the side of his chilled neck. Her lips near enough he could almost feel them against his ear when he leaned to hear her. He caught the scent of her skin. Lightly flavored with rose oil.

Making her seem all the more tempting…

“Because I am.” He remarked flatly. Not letting her see how she was affecting him as he looked over her head impassively.

Look where you are. Caged in my arms and you don’t even know where you’ve put yourself…How much danger you’re in. Grinning unabashedly, he gave a grudging nod.

“And if I’d spurned you then and there?” She queried in pure challenge.

He glanced down at her and crooked his lips in a wicked half smile. Hooding his blue eyes.

“I’d have looked properly put out so everyone would say you were the horrible woman who broke my heart.”

They’d have said you were no lady to make such a scene.

And be it this ball or the next, I’d have gotten you to dance with me.

Scoffing she ran her tongue over her teeth chastisingly before clicking in her cheek. “I think you would have.”

Oh, I most certainly would’ve.

Giving her a lopsided grin. “Never doubt it.”

Tone decisive he persisted. “Wait and see what lengths I’ll go to get you let me call on you in the morning.”

Scoffing again she muttered. “Unlikely.”

Chin lifting, she turned her face away airily. A show of proving how little threatened she was. Challenging him.

Challenge me to bait you, Little Prey. Soon it’ll be you in my trap. Writhing to get away. He’d smirked.

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