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The Dark Prince's Pet - Paperback

The Dark Prince's Pet - Paperback

I was the one the villagers called to talk to the monsters no one else dared talk to. 


I don't fear them. Though I know at any moment, I could be drawing my last breath. Someone had to speak for the Skins. The humans who were nearly defenseless against those monsters that reveled in their power. Torturing those they viewed as little more than insects. 


But all my fire and readiness to confront the bloodthirsty king of the monsters which tortured this village, did not prepare me for what I found in that mountain castle. Nor the terms he would throw down for the protection of my people. Matching wits with a monster who is both immortal, fatally charming and clever beyond what I was prepared for, is lining me up for a game of seduction I might not win.


Not this time...

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