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Snow in the Tower/Snowfall

Snow in the Tower/Snowfall


I was a young girl when my stepmother locked me in that tower.


Only the memory of the most beautiful wolf I’d ever seen kept me going. I thought of him endlessly. Giving me a sort of piece in the misery of that tower.


I was tormented by both my guards and the mage that managed my powers, keeping me bound.


Lukas proposed a way for me to earn my freedom.


By offering him pleasure.


Only then could I ever see the handsome wolf never far from my thoughts, again…


But after what I’d endured…Would I have anything to offer a potential mate?




Huntsman had sensed me the moment I was out of the tower and the mage, Lukas was no longer hiding my power.


Even as I’d escaped, he’d been coming for me.


He met me in the bailey and together we left the nightmarish place that had caused me so much torment.


But now I face another daunting problem.


This creature wants me for his mate. But I’m spoiled now for any male.


Especially the one I want most…

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