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A Pirate's Plaything - Paperback

A Pirate's Plaything - Paperback

I was hiding as cargo on the ship Mandrake.


When it was pirated, I did some quick-thinking and pretended to be a cabin boy. But he scented me at the get.


And the moment he had me alone he stripped me down to prove what he already knew.


I was all woman.


He was the Captain of the Whirlwind and he intended to possess all spoils from the Mandrake.


Including me.


But I'm not so easily bullied into becoming a lover. Not even by a fierce pirate captain.

  • Handcrafted Paperback

    This is a handcrafted 5x7 book. (Larger than an average book.)

    It has large print to make it easy on the eyes. 

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